Just Like 1999 is one of our bestsellers and a personal favorite because of its apparent simplicity. Best described as ‘a minimalist flower bomb’, it’s a fitting illustration of Jigger's DNA.


1. 3cl of apple
   eau de vie
2. 2cl of Italian white vermouth
3. 3cl of verjuice
4. 1,5cl homemade elderflower        syrup


1. Stir up all the ingredients.
2. Serve over a smooth block
   of ice.
3. Garnish with a seasonal
   flower or leaf.
4. Sip.

An apple eau de vie, containing the essence of tons of organic apples we picked by hand in an old orchard, on a sunny afternoon in 2015; distilled in Distillerie De Biercée

Verjuice, literally 'green juice', is the juice of unripe grapes that have been cut off grapevines to allow other vines to grow larger.  Verjuice has a beautiful acidity that keeps year-round, which makes it an excellent and ecological alternative for lemon juice.

We produce about 80 liters of elderflower syrup yearly, with flowers we harvest locally by hand in spring

Just like 1999 is only one of our many creations. The Jigger's menu changes weekly, and there's a similar origin story for each of your drink's ingredients. We put a lot of effort into producing, processing, and serving local and seasonal syrups, liquors, and garnish.

From early spring to late fall, our team forages at least twice a week in fields and forests nearby. We pick up leftover fruits and vegetables at local farms, and we preserve our goods with traditional (organic) techniques. 

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